You Can Buy A Flamethrower... If You're Nutz & Have $1600
The X15 flamethrower is a personal, consumer flamethrower that exists for no reason other than because... and for only $1600, you can have your own personal flamethrower... well, because! You can purchase a X15 from XMatter's website right now, on sale for just $1,600. So much cooler than a Super Soaker full of gasoline!...
Paul Stanley Fronting Soul Cover Band
This fall, KISS frontman Paul Stanley will wash off the makeup and put down the guitar to sing soul covers with his side group, Soul Station. Their first gig will be September 11th in LA. According to, the 9-piece band has an impressive lineup including drummer Eric Singer, the current KISS drummer. The group will take on Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and The Stylistics to name a few. This doesn't mean KISS is slowing down. The band continues it's tour in the later fall...

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