Saga @ The Phoenix
Saga took the stage Saturday at the Phoenix to promote their new album Sagacity. Of course the band performed their classics, including 'On The Loose' and 'Scratching The Surface'. With help from Suns of Stone and the David Barrett Trio, Saga showed Toronto a good time.  Although he performed with a broken ankle, Michael Sadler and the whole band proved they can still rock!" - Alyssa Giallonardo February 7, 2015 - Photos by Mike Fowler - ...
Twenty Eight Seconds is all it takes
The loudest concert I've ever been at, was about a week ago. Swans at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto. Insane. And I can't stand ear-plugs, but I put them in anyway. And then we left halfway through. Turns out The World Health Organisation has warned that 28 seconds at a rock concert could damage hearing - and recommended that people should use earphones for just an hour a day. They also believe that 1.1 billion people are at risk of suffering permanent ear problems through their listening...

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