Bite Me
The history of my teeth is long and lurid. My very first dentist was a sadist in Montreal who had no time for children or their little milk teeth. He was so brusque and scary that my mother had to slip me half a Valium when I went to see him. It was the seventies, man. Everyone was doing it. I heard he was later murdered. By a patient. True story. I expanded my dental experience to orthodontics, and suffered through years of monstrous headgear, elastics, and retainers that I would ultimately...
Rent Bob Dylan and The Band’s Big Pink for your next vacation
Big Pink, the West Saugerties, New York house where Bob Dylan and The Band’s Basement Tapes and The Band’s debut album Music From the Big Pink were recorded, has been listed on VRBO For $650 a night, you can hang out in the property that includes "Levon Helm's bunk area," a sunroom ("Rick Danko's quarters"), the Central Staircase and "views of Overlook Mountain."However, the rental posting warns, "the Basement is not included in the rental."...

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