Sometimes The Crowd At A Concert Is As Entertaining As The Performer
According to a story on some of the best stories of concerts come from the crowd itself and not the performer on stage. From fans getting turfed for fighting or drinking, to bizarre outfits, to the guy who was seen at a country music star's concert in the front row resting a china plate with a steak dinner on it on the edge of the stage and eating. Strange. And let's not forget about all those frisky concert goers who just can't wait to "get a room!".  Tell me what is the strangest...
Head To The U.K. For Vinyl Madness!
According to the UK Telegraph, an incredible record collection amassed by a British collector who passed away in  February of this year was purchased at auction this month for 73,000 UK pounds. The collection included every single that entered the UK singles chart from its inception in 1952 until the collector, David Sivyer's, death in February of this year. Omnifone, a British digital music company, bought all 45,000 of the records and cds and plans to store them onsite at their UK offices....

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