A Five Year Anniversary!
You don’t hear too much about Liza Minelli these days, but she’s still working, and she’s still a trouper. Liza, who is almost 70, was set to perform in Wilmington, North Carolina, but her plane had to turn back and land in Charlotte because of extreme turbulence (thanks Joaquin). So Liza took a 200 mile taxi ride to make the show – it was an Uber actually. Liza is like a good golf shot out of the woods – it goes through a lot of crap, but it gets there.   Nancy Drew is getting her...
Slash joins ‘loudest silent movie’ cast
Slash has joined the cast of Gutterdämmerung, an upcoming film described as “the loudest silent movie on Earth.” The mostly silent movie will be soundtracked by Iggy Pop, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Motorhead’s Lemmy, and more. The film tells the story of "a world where God has saved the world from sin by taking from mankind the Devil’s Grail of Sin… the Evil Guitar." The film is due for release at the end of 2015....

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