Slaying Of Cecil The Lion Sparks Massive Online Outrage
The death of a popular Zimbabwe lion by the hands of a Minnesota dentist has ignited online outrage and has lead to the condemnation about the hunti itself. Local Zimbabwe  authorities allege that Walter Palmer  lured Cecil, the beloved lion, from a protected area in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, then shot him with a crossbow, killing him in early July. Zimbabwean conservationists say the American paid $50,000 for the trip, allegedly. Palmer  is now being sought on poaching...
Watch U2 play ‘Two Hearts Beat As One’ for the first time in 26 years
On Monday night, early into their sixth consecutive Madison Square Garden gig, U2 performed the War song “Two Hearts Beat As One” for the first time in 26 years. Fans have been waiting for this moment since the band first soundchecked the track a month ago. "Oh yeah," Bono said when the song ended. "Ya happy?"...

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