The Walking Dead Valentine Special
The Walking Dead isn't for everyone. Certainly not on Valentine's Day, but if you like your Valentines bloody, you may walk to cuddle up with your sweetie for the Season 6 mid season premiere. SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Actually, I don't know anything, but I hear things. Like someone important is going to lose an eye. It's always fun up until then, right? In any case, AMC has released the first 4 minutes of the new episode, and things are not looking good....
David Bowie's son Duncan is expecting a child
Here’s some good news, coming about a month after David Bowie’s death: Bowie’s son Duncan Jones and his wife Rodene are expecting a child. Jones, a filmmaker, announced the news via Twitter. Rodene chimed in on the news as well. The baby is expected in June....

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