Football Dirty Talk
It's actually completely innocent but if you heard the following and didn't know there was a football game on you might think something else was going on... The Top Things Heard in an NFL Game that Sound Dirty: Watch how he pumps once, pumps twice . . . then lets it fly. I don't know how he managed to squeeze through a gap that small. With the right protection, he could do this all day. When that lane opens up, you gotta pound straight through it. It's just one sack after another...
The Coolest Concert Ever Staged
And in the end ... in their attempt to create a fitting conclusion for their film "Let it Be" today was the day 46 years ago, the 30thof January 1969, they made their final sort-of public performance up on the roof of their Apple headquarters at 3 Savile Row, London. They were joined keyboardist Billy Preston and rocked in the cold breezy winter's day for just over 40 minutes, doing a set of 5 songs, a few of which they did repeatedly, making for 9 takes in all. There's that recurring #9 yet again....

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