Stuck in a Moment that You Can't Get Out Of
This poor woman in London was stuck in her garage for two days. She's disabled, and her wheelchair lift malfunctioned, and she couldn't reach her phone, so she languished there until a friend started to worry, Firefighters found and rescued her, and she'll be fine. It is remarkable, however, how often this happens to people, even in this day and age when we have cellphones with us at all times. I personally have been locked out on a balcony not once, but twice in my life, once overnight (it was...
Secret discovered in David Bowie's 'Blackstar' artwork
Even after his death, David Bowie is still providing his fans with some pleasant surprises. Some fans recently discovered something new about the legend’s final album, Blackstar: when the album’s artwork is positioned so that it is under direct sunlight, the artwork transforms into a field of glowing stars. The stars fade away when the light source is removed. The artwork’s designer, Jonathan Barnbrook, recently told Dezeen, “It’s subsided a bit now, but a lot of people said it was...

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