Blessing Bags For the Homeless
This is just a fantastic idea.  Bravo to Karrie Lynn Dymond for doing something so wonderful in memory of her son. Her son Kyle passed away Feb 22nd 2007 and every year since then Karrie has tried to do some good deed in his honour.  I get emotional just writing this thinking about how difficult it would be to lose a child and how amazing and brave she is for finding a way to heal through kindness. This year she has come up with the idea of creating Blessing Bags for the Homeless and is encouraging...
Rolling Stones say Donald Trump using their music without permission
The Rolling Stones are the latest musical act to say that Donald Trump has been using their music without permission—reportedly, the presidential candidate has used “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” and “Brown Sugar” at political events. "The band was not asked for permission to use the songs," spokeswoman Fran Curtis tells The Daily Beast. Last year, Keith Richards told Billboard, "Can you imagine President Trump? The worst nightmare. But we can’t...

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