Giant Bunny
Who wants a giant bunny rabbit just in time for Easter? Atlas, a 7 month old continental giant rabbit from Scotland, is looking for a home. Word of caution: Atlas is one big big bunny. He may grow weigh more than 20kg and eat a bale of hay a week and up to 2,000 carrots and 700 apples a year. Read more. And don't forget this:...
'Amy' filmmakers would "kill" to make a David Bowie documentary
The filmmakers behind the Oscar-nominated Amy Winehouse documentary Amy say they would drop everything they were working on if they had the opportunity to do a documentary on David Bowie. "We would kill to make that film. We would do anything to make that film," James Gay-Rees says. "If his estate is listening, please give us a call…but it’s far too soon. But if there was ever a conversation to be had around it...." Rees says that a longer than normal film might be necessary for such a...

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