Scott's wailin insults fans
He's not even on the road with his old band Stone Temple Pilots and already facing criticism for his vocal antics.  Scott Weiland is in a new band now called The Wildabouts and after the release of the new record called "Blaster" they've headed out on the road and after  only a few shows in, fans are criticizing him for his rendition of an STP song we all know and love called "Vasoline".  Scott introduced the song as "...a new song...we just worked on today before they launch into "Vasoline"...
The Origin of Slappin' Da Bass
Seems necessity really is the mother of invention.   Big bottoms, who's got 'em?  The Who thanks to John Entwistle.  King Crimson thanks to Tony Levin.  Primus thanks to Les Claypool.  RUSH thanks to Geddy Lee.  Red Hot Chili Peppers thanks to Flea.    And Sly and the Family Stones thanks to Beaumont, Texas born Larry Graham who is actually credited with inventing the slapping technique that he himself referred to as 'thumpin' and pluckin'.  Enjoy his story, self-told:               ...

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