WATCH: Kim Jong-Un Death Scene From 'The Interview' Leaked Online
The hackers seem to have won. Sony is halting next week’s planned release of the comedy film ‘The Interview’ amid numerous threats to moviegoers and cinemas in the United States. The movie depicts a planned assassination attempt against North Korea’s communist leader and the US government says it has traced the threats and hacking back to North Korea. Oh, and the Kim Jong Un “death scene” from The Interview.. that has now leaked online…. convenient…...
Grammy Hall of Fame Nominations and Records to be Inducted Revealed Here
In 2014, out came new albums by classic artists like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and U2, and newer artists rooted in the past, like Black Keys, Ryan Adams, and Jack White.  They’re among the bands and artist nominated for the 2015 Grammy Awards, set to take place this coming February in L.A. Meanwhile, tribute is paid via records by Sex Pistols, Neil Young and Lou Reed, being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.  27 recordings in all added, as the Grammy people put it, continuing “The...

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