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This Kid Burned The Leafs Good
Remember yelling "BURNNNN" when you got your friends good? Well the expression is fitting for this tweet by a Leafs fan who got the team good when the team's attempt at being funny on Twitter backfired....
Nine Year Old Jaxon Smith Drums Tom Sawyer by RUSH
41 years ago this month, out came the self-titeld debut album from RUSH. 41 years later, RUSH keep on coming with music, and concerts.   The 12 Months of Rush celebration continues with the release of a special vinyl Hologram Edition reissue of the band’s epic, landmark release 2112 on March 17th. And word has it, that Geddy and Alex & Neil just watched this video I'm sharing and got a kick out of it as I'm sure you will too.   My pal Kevin Smith (not the director) shares this video...

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