Sometimes The Crowd At A Concert Is As Entertaining As The Performer
According to a story on some of the best stories of concerts come from the crowd itself and not the performer on stage. From fans getting turfed for fighting or drinking, to bizarre outfits, to the guy who was seen at a country music star's concert in the front row resting a china plate with a steak dinner on it on the edge of the stage and eating. Strange. And let's not forget about all those frisky concert goers who just can't wait to "get a room!".  Tell me what is the strangest...
Who Did Teen Dave Grohl Write To?
Did you write letters to your rock heroes? A teenage Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters did...and Ian Mackaye of Fugazi dug it up recently and shared it with him. We particularly like that he gave him a time window in which to call him. If you wrote a letter to your teen music god, who would it be?...

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