Update-He's Still Alive And Still In A Relationship
When this photo went viral and started a thread on Reddit most people figured he was going to be single very soon. Not the case. He is in fact still with his girlfriend, who thankfully for his sake has a sense of humour. Brandon Griffin, from New Jersey had set a trap, a prank for his girlfriend. He released the image on Reddit with the caption, “I set a trap for my girlfriend in my sock drawer on laundry day, she fell for it.” The response has fuelled a barrage of comments both for and...
RUSH Serving a Life Sentence
A book celebrating the relationship between Rush and artist Hugh Syme is coming out May 1st. The Art Of Rush: Serving A Life Sentence will feature original illustrations, paintings and photos by Syme, who has designed the band’s artwork since the 1975 album Caress Of Steel. The 272-page coffee table volume was created by music journalist Stephen Humphries and includes interviews with Geddy, Alex and Neil Peart, along with Syme himself. Neil Peart says: “From the first time Hugh and I...

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