$69 Opening Weekend - The Last Word - 11/26/15
A beauty pageant winner from Toronto traveled all the way to  China – or tried to – to take part in the Miss World [agent, but was denied entrance into the country . Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old Chinese-born university student , is an outspoken critic of Chinese religious policy and a follower of the meditative group Falun Gong, which is banned in China.Lin says she was unable to board her connecting flight from Hong Kong after a Chinese official told her by telephone she would not be granted...
Roger Waters announces ‘Wall’ super-deluxe box sets, graffiti wall project
Roger Waters has announced a super-deluxe version of The Wall Live soundtrack and album. The $500 sets, which are autographed by Waters and are available via his website, include Three Blu-ray discs with the version of the film coming out on December 1st alongside a new documentary about the making of the tour, the soundtrack album pressed to four 180-gram red, white, clear and black LPs with a unique engraving and new score by Waters, as well as the commercially available two-CD version and...

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