The Mystery of Flying Kicks
It's one the great urban mysteries: shoes - often sneakers - tossed up and hung over telephone wires. It happens all over the world, and no one really knows why. My kids inform me that it's a signal to let people know where to buy drugs. Really, Sparky? Don't you think the cops might be on to that? Here's a great little film on the worldwide phenomenon. It doesn't give you a definitive answer, but it's fun to watch. Now, what about the bra trees you see on ski hills?...
Bronze Statue of Lemmy coming to The Rainbow
Los Angeles artist Travis Moore has been commissioned to create a life-sized cast bronze statue of Lemmy Kilmister. The statue will be erected outside of the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where the Motorhead frontman was a regular. A memorial was held at the Rainbow on the day of Lemmy’s funeral (January 9th), and a mural was painted on the bar’s wall. The statue will be situated in a special shrine currently being constructed in the patio bar area....

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