The Age When You Start Feeling Like An Adult
According to a new study by U.K. firm Fly Research on behalf of Beagle Street life insurance the age when we start feeling all grown up is...29.  Sound about right to you? What was the first sign? For me it was getting super excited about new appliances and spending more time at Home Depot and Walmart than shopping on Queen St. Here are the top 10 in the survey... 1. Buying a home — 64% 2. Having kids — 63% 3. Marriage — 52% 4. Having a pension — 29% 5. Being in charge...
Nikki Sixx Hates Your Selfies
It's part of the concert experience now. You go to a show and look around at the crowd and see how many cell phones are lit up. Of course you're going to snap a pic to share with your friends. Nikki Sixx thinks you're a moron if you do this throughout the show....

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