Man Ejected And Fired From His Job For Heckling At Sports Game: Justified or Ridiculous?
  Anthony Rotondi , who used to work for ING Financial Services as a trader, got kicked out of Madison Square Garden for yelling “Carmelo, you stink.” Not only was security at Madison Square unimpressed with Rotondi’s behaviour, neither was his employer.  Rotondi says he was ejected from the game, arrested and then fired by his company ING after 12 years of employment. Rotondi is now suing the owners of Madison Square Garden, seeking pre-litigation information. While...
The Velvet Underground 45th anniversary reissue coming in November
November 24th will see the release of a six-CD, 65-track reissue of The Velvet Underground’s self-titled third album. Disc 1 is the stereo mix of the album by MGM house engineer Luis Pastor “Val” Valentin, the second disc features a 1969 pressing that Sterling Morrison dubbed The Closet Mix, the third disc is the promotional mono mix of the album, and disc four is an unreleased ten-track album created in October 1969 and intended to get the band out of their contract with MGM. The rest of...

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