LISTEN: The Best of Derringer in the Morning - Nov. 27, 2015
Did you miss out on Derringer in the Morning today? Here’s the best of the best of what was talked about this morning! List O Mania: Days That Just Suck There are some days of the year that just blow! What's your least favourite day of the year? Tool Of The Day: Black Friday Today is one of those days that brings out the worst in some people... TTC Stuff The Buss Interview Today we had the folks at the TTC come by with a bus and they're planning on having...
Guns N’ Roses merch hints at band reunion
The original members of Guns N’ Roses have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours of a reunion, but new merch available on the band’s site might be a hint. There are currently a variety of items for sale adorned with the band’s classic logo and/or the faces of Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven. First the blankets and stockings, then the t-shirts sold on tour? Here’s hoping....

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