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Bad Mother
It was a weekend for bad parenting, what with the Cincinnati Gorilla and the Japanese mountain parents. The latter truly is the stuff of nightmares: the search is still on for a 7 year old boy whose parents made him get out of the car, and  left him in the woods in Northern Japan as a punishment for misbehaving.  They say they returned within minutes, only to find him gone. I'd like to say I can't even imagine what possessed them, but truth be told, I did something like that once myself. I...
WATCH: Bruce Springsteen and Bono perform 'Because the Night' in Dublin
This past weekend, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band took their tour to Dublin, Ireland. On Sunday, at the second of two shows at the city’s Croke Park, they were joined by U2 singer Bono for a performance of “Because the Night.” Bono previously joined Springsteen and the band on the Patti Smith classic, which The Boss co-wrote, at a Miami concert in 2003, and Springsteen, Bono and Smith performed it at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary shows in New York in 2009....

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