Does Kim Kardashian Know She's Being Made Fun Of In Her Own Super Bowl Commercial?
Advertisers don't seem to be leaking as many teasers for their Super Bowl commercials this year. Perhaps they're trying to build buzz, waiting until we get closer to game day. T-Mobile on the other hand has released its Super Bowl ad because it doesn't need the hype: it holds the stupidity of Kim Kardashian. The ad pokes fun at Kardashian’s obsession with selfies but a recent quote to People magazine about the ad suggests that Kim wasn't in on the joke. Maybe she didn't know that she was...
The Great Mark Knopfler Coming with Album and Tour
One of the most self effacing, humble, gentlemanly men I've ever interviewed – the man who was so out of step with most everything on the radio in the late 70's, it only served to elevate his music to great heights because nothing sounded quite like it. To anyone who has been following along since Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits came in '78 with that self titled debut and Sultans of Swing - the enduring song that heralded it's arrival, the consensus is that Mark remains one of the most tasteful...

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