Gwyneth at 40ish
GWYNETH PALTROW  is on a number of magazine covers and whatnot, going on about how her life has changed since turning 40, which struck me as odd, because, as it turns out, she’s 43. But, being Gwyneth, she gets a little extra time to make the transition. Does Gwyneth, like most of us, feel a little panicky about entering middle-age? Has she made mistakes she regrets? Does she worry about the future? Is she lamenting the changes in her body and her face? OF COURSE NOT! She’s Goopy! She’s more...
LISTEN: Bob Dylan's cover of Frank Sinatra's 'All the Way'
Bob Dylan has shared “All the way,” a cut from Fallen Angels, his forthcoming second album of standards popularized by Frank Sinatra—the first was 2015’s Shadows in the Night. Dylan spins the Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn-written song into a country waltz. Fallen Angels, Dylan’s 37th studio album, will be released on May 20th....

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