Think you have the brains? Well how smart you are could win you cash!

Each week day at 8:10am on Derringer in the Morning, 1:10pm with Joanne Wilder and 4:40pm with John Scholes we want you to play The Grand IQ Test.

There are 2 ways for your chance to play The Grand IQ Test. Log in below and fill out the entry form to be registered to play OR listen for the cue to call at 8:10am, 1:10pm and 4:40pm and we’ll take a caller at 416-870-ROCK (7625) or 416-870-ROLL (7655). The contestant will be given a question for the chance to win $50, but you’ll only get the cash if you answer it correctly. We’ll give you the option to instantly double your cash to $100 but again only if you can correctly answer the question. You could win up to $1,000 but each question will get harder as you go along. Here’s the catch, if you get the question wrong you walk away with nothing.

The Grand IQ Test from Q107